What Should I Study?


Malyon offers courses ranging in length from six months to four years full-time. Most of our courses allow some choice of units, many of which are designed to help you think strategically and to effectively integrate your faith into your everyday life. We encourage you to look on our site and book a consultation with our registrar to finalise the right course selection for you.

Important considerations are – how much time do you have to study? And, why do you want to study?

Do you know you want to be a pastor, chaplain or youth leader or are you wanting to deepen your understanding for personal growth? We outline with all of our courses an approximate commitment time you will need to invest in study and contact time. Many of our students are part-time and we offer two evening classes a week on Tuesday and Wednesday to help people with find time to study.

Thinking about studying online? Here is some information to help you decide the best study mode.

If you do not currently have a higher education degree in any field you are looking at Malyon undergraduate courses:

Study Christian Studies dipolma to bachelorStudy theology from dipolma to bachelorStudy ministry from diploma to bachelorMore than a gap year study

If you currently hold a higher education degree in a non theological field (for example you hold a Bachelor of Science), you are eligible to study either undergraduate or a graduate course:

Graduate pathway Master of Arts in Christian StudiesStudy pathway for Master of DivinityStudy pathway for Master of Ministry

If you currently hold a higher education degree in ministry, divinity or theology you are eligible to study a post-graduate course:

Graduate Degrees for Ministry

graduate progression graphic

Higher Degrees by Research

To find a course that is the right length, on the right topic, at the right time, contact our Registrar.

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