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Principal’s Blog – March 2024

Running the Race that God has Marked out for Us

Back in the days of my high school teaching career, I used to also be an athletics coach. I loved it in the early days. Being only a few years older than most of my students, I could still generally beat them, especially when it came to sprints. However, I remember so well the personal anguish that came when I began to find that some of my students were outpacing me! Maybe I was just coaching them too well.

But as an athletics coach, I also remember my frustration when all too often I would notice my track and field athletes beginning to slow down ever so slightly just as they approached the finish line of their races. So, I’d give the talk all over again. “You’ve got to run through the finish line, not just to the finish line.”

I shared this thought recently with our Malyon staff team as we began the new academic year. I was sharing from that familiar passage in Hebrews 12 that urges us to “throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles us, and [to] run with perseverance [or endurance] that race that has been marked out for us” (Hebrews 12:1-2). The writer to the Hebrews further exhorts his readers, “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of our faith…”

I’m sure we have all heard more messages on this passage than we can begin to remember. But the exhortation speaks again today, as powerfully as it has ever spoken in the past. God actually has a race that he has marked out for each and every one of us who are his children. It has never been just a matter of you and me trying to figure out the best course for our lives that will bring us the greatest personal satisfaction and/or notoriety. It is a matter of discerning the course that he has laid out for us. And then it is also a matter of keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus. Too easily it seems to me, we can become distracted by looking across to the other lanes and trying to compare our progress with other athletes. Too often, we can become distracted by the crowds we think are sitting on the sidelines, watching and critiquing our race.

The real challenge that each of us has in the race is to keep pressing on, persevering, with our eyes firmly fixed on Jesus!

We are entering into what we expect will be a significant transitional year for the college, as we look to the possibility of a merger with Morling College in 2025. The challenge for us is to keep pressing on faithfully with our eyes firmly fixed on Jesus. Thus, as we have started the year together, I want to remind each one of us to renew our determination to press on, running the race well, not just to the finish line, but right through the finish line. Why? Because we want God to be honoured, our students to be blessed and the greater work of God’s kingdom to continue to flourish and grow.

Maybe there is a word for all of us in this. Regardless of the race that God has marked out for you, or the season in which you find yourself, God is calling for disciples who will run the race well, right through the finish line.   

Let’s not take our foot off the accelerator as we approach the end of any season of service or ministry.     

Peter Francis – Principal

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