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Principal’s Blog – March 2023

Who are your two?

As we consider Jesus’ ministry and method of multiplication, we’re often inclined to look at the way in which he invested so significantly into the lives of the twelve, “whom he named apostles” (Lk 6:13). We variously applaud his approach and seek to replicate it, by seeking to make an intentional investment in the lives of others who may be called of God to take up the mantle of ministry.

However, lately, I have been reminded of the significant investment that the Apostle Paul made into the lives of two of his proteges, Timothy and Titus. While he clearly invested in the lives of so many, we note from his NT letters the special place that both Timothy and Titus were afforded in his encouragement for them to take up the mantle of pastoral ministry particularly. His words of encouragement and advice to these budding servants have inspired and challenged many of us, I am sure.  

So, here is my challenge to all of you who may be in pastoral ministry – Who are your two? Indeed, who are your two who may replace you? Who are those younger people that you have discerned may well have the call of God upon their lives for future pastoral ministry? Have you yet ‘tapped them on the shoulder’ to suggest that they really need to prayerfully consider enrolling at Malyon Theological College to begin their journey of study and preparation for taking up the mantle of ministry? Are you prepared to talk to them about how you and your church might seek to support them as they begin this journey? Are you prepared to begin to give them ministry opportunities within your own church that will enable to them to gain supervised and directed ministry experience?   

Many of you may well remember a time when either your own pastor or some more experienced ministry servant came and ‘tapped you on the shoulder’ and urged you to take the next steps toward ministry preparation and engagement.

So, again, can I ask, “Who are your two…who may replace you?”  

Peter Francis – Principal