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Principal’s Blog – April 2023

What will you do?

Have you ever had one of those kiaros moments that you know calls for action? Something profound has happened and you know that you can’t just let the moment slip by. This moment calls for a response!

That surely must have been the experience of Jesus’ disciples following his brutal crucifixion and subsequent resurrection. There, as they gathered with Jesus on the mountain in Galilee, we’re told that when they saw him, “they worshipped him, but some doubted” (Matthew 28:17). Some were still trying to get their heads around what had just happened. Could it really be true? Either way,  something had happened, and they could never be the same again. What were they to do?   

Jesus left them in no doubt about what they were to do. They were to “go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” They were to teach these disciples to obey everything that he had commanded them. And his promise was that he would always be with them, even to the very end of the age.

Their life’s mission had been forever changed! No longer could they just go on living for themselves and the fleeting and uncertain satisfactions that this world has to offer. They were now to live for the One who gave his life so that they might truly live! Their calling was to “make disciples” who in turn would make disciples, who in turn would make disciples, and so on.  

At our recent QB Conference, we were strongly encouraged to embrace the concept of building a discipling culture. While this is the responsibility of every true disciple, it is one which needs to be modeled and led by those who have been entrusted with leadership responsibilities.  

So, my question is, “Who are you discipling?” Not just by your teaching and preaching, but by way of personal investment. Perhaps you have become so busy doing the stuff of ministry, that the core business of making disciples has been quietly pushed to the margins.

As you reflect again this Easter on the blessed reality of all that God has done for you, through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, my question is, “What will you do?”; “How will you allow this amazing reality to challenge you about God’s call for you to be a disciple maker?” “Who will you be discipling to become a pastor, a ministry leader, an evangelist, a fellow worker in the cause of the Kingdom of God?”

Your fellow disciple,


Peter Francis (Principal)