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Lectures come to Wednesday Nights

The release of the semester 2, 2023 timetable sees the return of Wednesday evening lectures at Malyon Theological College.

Commencing from 19th July 2023 Malyon will offer:

EM015-612/712/812Christian Ministry in Islamic Settings
Class will start at 6:15pm each Wednesday evening.
So what is this unit about?

Interesting data has come out of the 2021 Census that highlights some of the religions in Australia that have experienced growth. These religions include Yazidi, Buddhism, and Islam. There are some who suggest that Islam is the fastest growing religion across the world. If this is the case, how well are Christians equipped to share the good news of the Gospel with Muslims in our own Aussie context and what do you know about the history, the beliefs, and the practices associated with Islam.

If these are questions that pique your interest why not consider enrolling in our Ministry in Islamic Context course in second semester of 2023 you can take this as a fully accredited unit of study for a higher education award or simply enrol informally as an audit student. Classes for this unit of study start on 19th July, and will take place at 6:15pm on Wednesday nights at the Malyon Theological College campus (Gaythorne) during Semester 2, 2023. The last teaching week of the class will conclude on 25th October.

To enrol or obtain further information, contact the team via: or email


EM015-612/712/812 - Christian Ministry in Islamic Settings