Units on offer in 2019

As an affiliated college of the Australian College of Theology, Malyon College is approved to deliver the following Units of the ACT (CRICOS 02650E)


Bible and Language units of study

Old Testament Foundations |
God’s wonderful plan of redemption will unfold as you examine his promises and dealings with individuals and the nation of Israel. (Tuesday evening lectures)
Jesus and the Gospels |
Survey the background, purposes and themes of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
New Testament Greek | LA004a/D Learn the fundamentals of the language of the New Testament texts, including syntax and grammar.
Jeremiah (English Text) | OT428/628/D Learn about the sovereign work of God in the life of the prophet Jeremiah to apply the themes of the stories to modern life.
The Pentateuch (Hebrew Text) | OT430/630/D Develop your skills in exegetical methodology and reflect upon the themes and features of the Pentateuch to equip you for a more accurate engagement with the issues facing modern times.

Christian Thought units of study

The Reformation in Europe & Britain | CH424/624/D Discover the causes and nature of the Reformation in Europe and Britain, its theological impact and implications for contemporary Christianity.
The Doctrines of Grace & Eschatology |
Gain an understanding of the theologies of the gospel, kingdom of God and the return of Christ and how they are manifested in Christian life and practice.

Ministry and Practice units of study

Foundations of Christian Influence | MCP31/51 Learn about the biblical principles of leadership, applied to the Australian context.(includes 2 x 2 day intensive)
Theology for Everyday Life |
Redeem daily routines by reflecting on and developing a distinctly Christian theology of the acts of daily life.
Guided Spiritual Formation | PC449/649/D This unit guides students into deeper intimacy with God by examining how to be effective in ministry, to articulate a philosophy of ministry, and to reflect on what God is doing in their life and through their vocation.
Christian Apologetics | PE420/620/D Think through and discuss issues raised by critics of Christian belief, develop intelligent defences, and be guided in the formation of a coherent Christian world view. (Wednesday evening lectures)
Foundations for Youth Ministry |
Examine biblical and theological foundations for creating youth ministry initiatives and forming ministry practice models.
Chaplaincy in Educational Settings | DM414D/614D Realise the life-long value and benefits of guiding and assisting teenagers to make good and wise decisions. (On-line + includes a 2 day intensive).
Pastoral Care Field Education | PC443D/643D Address important issues connected with providing pastoral care as you participate in various church activities. (includes a 2 day intensive)
Mission Perspectives |
Gain an understanding of the biblical, historical, cultural and strategic perspectives on mission in the contemporary world.
Christian Spirituality | PC330 (Launch Only) This unit focuses on themes such as spirituality for Christian life and ministry, historical spirituality and spiritual disciplines for spiritual formation.

2019 Semester 1 | POSTGRADUATE UNITS

The History of Heresy | TH789-4/6i intensive only Guest Lecturer: Dr Michael Bird – 29 Jan – 1 Feb 2019
TH789-4i + TH789-6i
Multicultural Church & Leadership | PC741-4/6i/D intensive or On-line Lecturer: Rev Dr Ian Hussey, and Greg Peckman – 18 – 22 March 2019
Denominational History: Our Heritage and its Contemporary Significance
| CH759-4/6D
On-line only This unit focuses on the rich heritage of the Baptist family of denominations.
Intro to Research Methods | RM095-4/6D On-line Only The purpose of this unit is to assist candidates to plan and design a research project/thesis in the areas of Biblical studies, theology and Church history. It aims to introduce candidates to the discipline of research methods, including developing and undertaking a research project.

KeyD = avail by Distance/Online; i = Intensive