Bachelor of Ministry or Theology (Honours)

The Bachelor Honours program is designed for students who have graduated with a three-year undergraduate degree in Ministry or Theology from the ACT and who have demonstrated high academic potential. It is a means of preparing men and women for advanced research. Students must complete 32 credit points of 300-400 level units over 1 year full time or part time equivalent, with 12 cps of 400H or 700 level units.

Bachelor of Ministry or Theology (Honours) Course Structure

16 credit points Coursework
  • 4 cps in Research Methods
  • 12 cps of units at 400H (4 cps each) and/or 700 level (8 cps each), including at least 8 cps in the student’s designated field of research
16 credit points Research Thesis of 15,000 words

This is a course of the Australian College of Theology.