Bachelor of Christian Studies

Bachelor of Christian Studies

Duration: 3 years full-time and up to 9 years part-time

Explanation: If you want to combine studying ministry with study in another field or discipline, then the Bachelor of Christian Studies might be what you are looking for. One year of full-time study in a non-theological field where 75% is in a coherent area of study (e.g., Psychology, Business, Comparative Religions, etc.) can be recognised for the purpose of completing this degree. You can do the non-theological study while you are undertaking the ministry course. The Bachelor of Christian Studies is ideal for those who want to develop a Christian perspective for their vocation or career.


Fields of Study Unit Code Unit Name cps
8cps Old Testament OT301 Old Testament Foundations 4
OT302 Old Testament Prophets and Writings 4
8cps New Testament NT301 Jesus and the Gospels 4
NT302 The Early New Testament Church 4
8 cps Church History CH305  Early Church History  4
8cps OT and NT exegesis OT4** 4
NT4** 4
4cps Theology (TH401-404) TH4** 4
32cps Non-Theological degree study 32
8cps Church History and/or Theology  CH/TH 4
 CH/TH 4
4cps Independent Study  IN490  Integrative Project 4
20cps electives (any field)

What you need to know about a Bachelor of Christian Studies

  • This course requires successful completion of 96cps.
  • The time limit for this course is 9 years.
  • In regards to the Non-Theological study, 24cps must form a coherent area of study in a distinct non-theological area as part of a degree with a university, preferably undertaken while undertaking the Bachelor of Christian Studies Course.

This is a course of the Australian College of Theology.