Overseas Students

Malyon College is an affiliated college of the Australian College of Theology.

 ACT CRICOS provider number 02650E

 See also:  the ESOS framework and studyinaustralia.gov.au and  www.actheology.edu.au/documents/


Malyon College (Queensland Baptist College of Ministries) has been serving God and the Baptist Churches of Queensland since it opened its doors in 1904. Since then many Christian pastors and leaders have been trained to become more effective in their Kingdom ministry. The current courses are naturally much different to 100 years ago, but the strong Biblical basis has never faltered and remains true today. Our emphasis is on training and preparing spirit filled leaders to guide our churches, to work in overseas missions, and to be effective as God’s “seeds” in every level of secular employment into which God may place them.

As part of this desire to train and equip Godly leaders we believe we have a calling to be part of the development of international students whom God may lead to seek further training. We want to assist you to be more effective in ministry back at home or elsewhere overseas. We are not a big college, but every student is a valued member of the college family and we warmly welcome international students into our “home”.

If God is calling you to study His Word, we welcome your enquiry, although we must acknowledge that it can be a difficult and arduous process at times for international students to work their way through the “mine field” of government rules and procedures and to finally arrive here with us.

Below are a number of practical issues which will help you in your search for God’s will for your future. There is also much other information on our website and we encourage you to browse that and to email us with any questions or help you may require.

Malyon College Facilities

Malyon College occupies its own three storey building in the Queensland Baptist complex at Gaythorne, a north-western suburb of Brisbane about 8km from the city centre. The building was fully refurbished in 2005 and provides 5 high quality lecture rooms with data projector facilities, a modern library with a range of computers available for catalogue searching and an unlimited broadband internet connection for student use. The middle floor of the building comprises the student worship and recreation facilities comprising kitchen/dining area, overnight accommodation rooms, table tennis and billiard tables and a dedicated chapel. The college is within easy walking distance to a large suburban shopping centre (Brookside) as well as a bus terminus and two train stations. Further details of the college and its history can be obtained from this web site.

Courses offered to Overseas Students

Malyon College is approved to deliver the following courses of the Australian College of Theology (CRICOS 02650E) to Overseas Students.



Bachelor of Ministry 054670D
Graduate Certificate of Divinity 076017G
Master of Divinity 054688E
Master of Arts (Theology) 094614C

Academic Costs & Living Expenses for International Students

Studying in Australia can be expensive and prospective students are encourage to carefully consider how they will meet all the costs of living and studying in Australia.

2019 Tuition Fees, Books and Resources: Overseas students must have a full-time study load. For undergraduate courses this means between 9 and 14 hours in class each week. Information about tuition fees at Malyon is available here. New students must pay their fees prior to commencing at Malyon. Continuing students must pay their fees by the second week of semester. Books and resources should also be budgeted by the student at about $500 per year.

Malyon College is an affiliated college of the Australian College of Theology (ACT). The tuition fees are set by ACT on an annual basis. More information about tuition fees is available at https://www.actheology.edu.au/tuition-fees


International Student Fees

Bachelor of Ministry Track $2600 per 4 point unit  
Master of Divinity Track $2600 per 4 point unit  
MDiv Project $5200 per 8 point unit
Research Methods $2400 per 4 point unit
Research Methods $3600 per 6 point unit
Master Of Arts (Theology) Track $2600 per 4 point unit  
Master Of Arts (Theology) Track $3900 per 6 point unit
MA Project $5200 per 8 point unit
MA Project $7800 per 12 point unit

that all students, whether attending on campus or online, must have reliable access to a computer which is no less than three years old.

Accommodation: Malyon College is NOT a residential College and students will need to find and pay for their own accommodation. Apartments and units close to College rent for approximately A$250-$300 per week unfurnished. Tenants generally also pay for their furniture/electrical items/other living requirements, electricity, and contents insurance. Prospective students should contact local real estate agents directly for accurate information about prices and availability of accommodation.

Alternatively, single students may be able to rent a room in a house share situation for around A$150 per week.  Such accommodation may be found through local Baptist Churches, however, Malyon is unable to liaise between churches and students.

Living Expenses: In addition to academic fees and accommodation, students will need to pay for their living expenses. At a minimum this would include food, medical expenses (see below), and daily travel expenses. We suggest that a single student should budget at least AUS$300-400 per week for accommodation and living expenses. We suggest that as a guide, a family of 4 people (2 adults and 2 children) budget around A$750-$1000 per week for accommodation and living expenses. More details on typical living conditions and costs involved can be obtained from www.bcl.com.au/brisbane-queensland

Schooling of Children: The Australian Government requires that all school aged children (4 years – 17 years) living in Australia attend school. Children can attend a public (government-run) school, a private school, or may be home schooled. The cost of schooling depends on which school your children attend. General information about the costs of sending your child to a public school – and including a list of government schools – can be found here. The nearest public schools to Malyon College are Mitchelton State School and Mitchelton High School, however, children attending state schools would usually attend the school nearest to their home. The costs of sending your children to a private school are set by the individual schools. There are several private schools in Malyon College and parents would need to contact those schools directly for fees and enrolment procedures. Some private Christian schools may have competitive rates for parents in training for ministry. Some private schools close to Malyon College are Prince of Peace Lutheran College, Northside Christian College and Hillbrook College, however, parents must make the schooling arrangements most appropriate for their children.

Australian Government Requirements

Malyon College is an affiliated college of the Australian College of Theology. The Australian College of Theology is registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). Prospective students are advised to download the ACT International Student Handbook from this ACT website link to get all the necessary details. When an overseas student is accepted by Malyon, the College (on behalf of the Australian College of Theology) issues an “Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment’ (ECoE) form showing the details of the course and the student. The ECoE is registered electronically on the Government Database and used by the Department of Immigration when the student applies for a visa at the appropriate Australian Embassy.

Each student must have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) through Medibank Private or similar organisation in Australia. The cost for 12 months cover is approximately $480 for a single and $960 for a family. Health cover must be renewed each year and is the responsibility of the student. Your first health cover payment should be paid before coming to Australia or sent with your fees for your first semester of study. Refer to www.studyinaustralia.gov.au/Sia/en/StudyCosts/OSHC.htm for more details.

 All students are also advised to study the information made available for students on the Immigration web site at www.immi.gov.au/students

Academic & English Requirements

The academic requirements and course details are available from our web site and from the web site of the Australian College of Theology at www.actheology.edu.au. Suitable academic pre-requisites for the proposed course of study may be required. The applicant is asked to send certified copies of all academic results when sending in the application papers.

When English is not the overseas student’s first language a suitable score from an IELTS test is the standard requirement. Applicants should become familiar with the Admission Policy – English Language Proficiency which is available at www.actheology.edu.au/documents/

Professional Requirements

Malyon College normally only accepts overseas students if it is certain those students will return to their country after the course has been completed. A reference from the applicant’s church is required, along with other references from Christian friends.

Process of Application

An interested candidate must first complete and return to the College an Overseas Student Preliminary Information Form. A response from the College will be given, and if favourable, an Application Form to be a full-time student will be sent to you . You will also need to provide details of the IELTS test for proficiency in English and information about how you will pay for the course and your living expenses.

Overseas Student Preliminary Information

Application Deadline

The closing date for application for students living overseas is normally 30 September of the year before entry is required. An enquiry must be made before that date for acceptance for the following academic year. Applications for mid-year admission must normally be received at Malyon by 30 March of that year. While there is some flexibility in certain circumstances, it usually takes a minimum of 10 weeks to obtain a visa once the College application is approved and the student has received his/her ECoE.

Change to Enrolment Status

The grounds on which a student’s enrolment may be deferred, suspended or cancelled include (but are not limited to): non-attendance at class, misbehaviour, non-payment of fees, failure to progress at an adequate pace through the course. Enrolment may also be deferred, suspended or cancelled for compassionate reasons or in compelling circumstances.

Arrangements with another Registered Provider

Malyon has an arrangement with Scripture Union Queensland to deliver the Chaplaincy units DM414/614 and PC444/644.

Overseas Students Release & Transfer Policy

To view this policy, please go to https://myportal.actheology.edu.au/FileDownload/541bc76f-8bde-4cfb-8857-caa6aaaf7bb4/overseas-students-release-and-transfer-policy

Responsible Person

Our Registrar, Rev Russell Matthews, is the person responsible for all student applications including those from overseas students. If you are interested in studying at Malyon, please contact Russell.