Admission Requirements

Applying to study can seem daunting. But applying to Malyon is easy.  Just follow these two easy steps –

01 >> Choose your course

Have a look at our course list, browse our Prospectus, come along to an Open Night, or contact the Registrar if you have any questions about which would be the right course for you.

Once you have decided which course to study, you will need to decide whether to complete it on campus or by online mode, and whether to study part time or full time. This will usually be determined by your current and on-going commitments, such as whether you work or have family obligations. Most units require 10 hours per week to complete. Online students usually live outside Brisbane, although some local students choose the online option so they can be more flexible in meeting the requirements of their study.

PLEASE NOTE that all students, whether attending on campus or online, must have reliable access to a computer which is no less than three years old.  

02 >> Complete and submit an Enrolment Application

To be admitted to study at Malyon you will need to submit a completed Enrolment Form 2019, together with any necessary supporting documentation (as indicated on the form). You will need to provide documentation that you have an OP 15 or higher (or equivalent), or evidence of a qualification that equivalent or better than a Diploma completed in Australia. Additionally, you may be required to undertake an entrance examination to demonstrate your academic suitability.

In addition, you will also need to advise the College as to how you will pay for your course. For more information about fees and other financial matters, go to the Fees page.

Once you have submitted your Enrolment Application and supporting documents, you will be advised whether your application has been successful.

* If you are an overseas student there may be additional requirements to complete your application. Information for overseas students can be found here.

Be sure to check the Key Dates page so that you don’t miss the application deadlines.