Resources for Churches

Malyon is well-known as a provider of high-quality degrees in theology and ministry. But we recognise that not everyone can study at Bible College.  

So as part of our commitment to developing Christians of influence more broadly, we are compiling some resources to help you in your ministry. Here’s what we can offer you so far…

Articles, Papers & Blog Posts

John Sweetman JS Manifesto on Developing Leaders
Change Principles | Concerns about Contemporary Worship | Effective Church Governance | Finding the Right Mentor | Learning from Great Biblical Leaders | Listening to Sermon Podcasts | Parachurch Future | Seven Models of Church Planting | Shepherd Leaders | Submission to Authority | The Changing Face of Leadership | The Church Planting Challenge | The Changing Face of Leadership | The Church Planting Challenge | Why Christian Leaders Fade Out | Do We Serve for Reward.docx | Article by John Sweetman Do We Serve for Reward.docx Article by John Sweetman The Importance of Spiritual Health in Ministry
Dave Benson Blog posts by Dave Benson
A Theology of the Church in Mission and Evangelism
Helping School Teachers Teach Holistically
Peter Francis 4 Christian Responses to a Legislative Push for Same Sex Marriage
Daniel Paterson Blog posts by Dan Paterson and Dave Benson
Sharing your faith without stoking the fires of religious discord Blog post + links
Gospel, Culture and Homosexuality booklet
Anne Klose Klose, Anne (2013). Joint and mutual covenantal priesthood: A narrative of community for Australian Baptist Churches. PhD Thesis, School of History, Philosophy, Religion & Classics, The University of Queensland.
AJ Culp Joining the Journey: How Cognitive Science Help’s Students Identify with Ancient Events Paper presented at Australian & New Zealand Association of Theological Schools Annual Conference Sydney, 2015.
Ian Hussey

Courses  & Templates

John Sweetman Church Programming for the Seasons – a template
New Mentoring Course Revised 2010
Dave Benson The Sign Evangelism Course
Malyon College Christian Worldview Course
Christian Apologetics Course
Theology for Everyday Life Course
Christian Evangelism Course
Malyon Workplace Fruitfulness on the Frontlines

Useful Websites & Apps

Useful websites for living out a Christian worldview: Christ’s Pieces | Practicing Our Faith |
Useful websites for helping believer’s think through the implications of their faith: RZIM 
Useful Apps for Ministry 


Traverse Conference 2014 podcasts
Work as Worship sermons

Other Resources by Topic

Malyon Workplace Resources listed by type on the topic of faith and vocation
Best Apologetics Resources


Did you know that at Malyon you can you can come and listen to lectures and access all the resources for that subject (including having access to the library), but are not required to complete any assessment? This is called Auditing, and forms part of our commitment to developing Christians of influence through lifelong learning. Click here for more information about Auditing.

Professional Development for Pastors…  

Malyon offers a number of intensives each semester which are offered as professional development units for pastors. Click here to go a list of Units currently on offer.   Keep an eye out for our regular additions to this page. All resources are built on the same calibre of content and teaching that you expect from Malyon. It is our prayer that by making these resources available you will deepen your understanding, enrich your faith, discover God’s calling and develop your Christian influence.