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Rev Dr John Sweetman, Director of the Malyon Leadership Centre

John began the Malyon Leadership Centre in obedience to a prompting to God with the vision of equipping the next generation of Christian leaders.

Leading through personal influence and professional influence can look very different as well as in today’s world of social media.

We have observed that developing and stewarding influence occurs most naturally in networks with the best resources. It occurs most effectively when Christians have a solid biblical foundation and an understanding of God’s grace underpinning everything they do. And it occurs most powerfully when Christians grasp God’s call to influence others in a Biblical way, with God’s help.

So the team at Malyon Leadership run leadership networks for pastors and women in ministry with leadership conferences for younger leaders.

Neo Leader


Neo Leader is part of the Malyon Leadership Centre and hosts a conference on a facet of leadership which is designed to equip young leaders. Lead by Pastor Andrew Sercombe.

Andrew believes “the future of the Church is reliant on the next generation of Christian leaders who are willing to live with conviction, clarity and boldness in every sphere of our culture. Neoleader exists to equip, inspire and invest in the next generation of leaders and I am excited to see how God raises up our future leaders through this important initiative.”

The next Neo Leader Conference is Anchored | Riverlife Baptist Church | 22 September 2018

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Collaborate is an arm of the Malyon Leadership Centre devoted to assisting women in ministry and leadership.

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Dr Dave Benson is the Director of Malyon Traverse

Traverse: a part of a structure (the church) that extends or is fixed across something (culture).

There’s a chasm between today’s church and it’s surrounding culture. As agents and messengers of reconciliation, God then – quite simply – would have us traverse that gap.

Through generous funding by Christian educators John and Effie Munday, we have established Malyon Traverse to provide training, conferences and resources that equip Christians to bridge the gap and share their faith in our Aussie, post-Christian culture. For further resources and events go to


Rev Dr Ian Hussey and Rev Dr John Sweetman Head Malyon Preaching

Resourcing the church to assist pastors in preaching excellence

You can sign up to receive the quarterly preaching resource, peruse the articles on the preaching website, attend a workshop or ask a specific question. Explore the preaching resources and events go to

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Malyon Workplace Director Chris Gribble

Chris Gribble is the Director of Malyon Workplace the centre for transforming work

The vast majority of Christians work in secular jobs and are not always confident in how to connect their faith with their daily workplace issues. They may also be unsure how their work makes any difference for God. So, Malyon Workplace provides coaching, a community, and resources to equip Christians to transform both their experience of work and their workplaces.

COACHING: seminars, mentoring, preaching, conferences, roundtables

COMMUNITY: connect with a community of Christians who are committed to engaging on issues relevant to the integration of work and faith and whole-of-life discipleship

RESOURCES: go to our web site for a workplace ministry resources

Our work matters deeply to God. Even when our work is challenging, difficult or frustrating, it can be a place where we live out God’s purposes. At work we have the opportunity to bring kingdom values to bear, to be ‘salt and light’, and to make our workplace a context for human flourishing.