Faculty & Lecturers


DMin (Australian College of Theology)
MA(Theol), MDiv, BEd, DipT


Principal | Lecturer
Teaching Areas: Missions, Old Testament Survey, Pastoral Studies
Interests: Missions and Pastoral Studies

After a 10 year career as a high school teacher, Peter entered into Pastoral Ministry. Over a period of 23 years Peter pastored at Cleveland Baptist, Beenleigh Baptist and the City Tabernacle Baptist Church. During this time he also served as a Regional Consultant with Queensland Baptists for 2 years. Over the past 30 years Peter has been involved with numerous short-term missions in places such as PNG, Bangladesh, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and South America and has served on various mission boards and committees, including the Far East Broadcasting Company and Global Interaction. Peter also regularly preaches in churches and has shared in a variety of Bible teaching conferences. He is married with 3 grown children and has a passion to invest in the next generation of missional leaders.

Selected Publications:
2015. “Missional Rejuvenation of Historic Inner City Churches.” In New Wineskins: Congregational Transformation in Australian Baptist Church Life, edited by Darren Cronshaw and Darrell Jackson, 29-39. Sydney: Morling Press.
2010. “Greater and Lesser Jihad: Competing or Complimentary Perspectives.” In Islam: From Text to Context, edited by Peter Riddell, 47-62. Melbourne: Melbourne School of Theology Press.


PhD (The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)
LTh(Hons), BA, MDiv


Teaching Areas: Church History, New Testament Exegesis (Greek), Baptist History, Christian Spirituality, Christian Ethics
Research Interests: Pre-Constantinian Christianity

“D” (his initial, as he prefers to be known) was born in Brisbane but spent most of his childhood and youth and much of his adulthood in South Africa, where his parents served as missionaries. He has been a passionate Christ-follower for as long as he can remember. His professional background was in the printing industry and in Christian publishing. He studied at the Baptist Theological College of Southern Africa (LThHons) and at the University of South Africa (BA). After serving as pastor of two Baptist churches in the Johannesburg area, he studied at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky in the United States (MDiv, PhD). He was then appointed lecturer and later Principal of the Baptist Theological College in Johannesburg, where he taught for thirteen and a half years. He and his family returned to Australia in 2002. After three years of pastoral ministry he was appointed to Malyon College at the beginning of 2005, where he presently serves as lecturer. D is married to Jackie, and they have three married children, four grandchildren (so far!) and an energetic golden Labrador.

Selected Publications:
Forthcoming. What Sort of People Ought You to Be? 2 Peter. Transformative Word Series. Bellingham, Washington: Lexham Press.
2016. “Was Peter Capable of Writing the Greek of 2 Peter? An Exploration.” Crucible, vol 7, no. 1.
2012. “Spiritual Leadership and Spiritual Formation: Insights from Benedict’s Ideal Abbot.” South African Baptist Journal of Theology, vol 21, 13-23.
2009. “The Formative Role of the Old Testament in Second Century Christian Worship.” South African Baptist Journal of Theology, vol 18, 108-115.
1994. “The Motif of Hope in Jeremiah.” South African Baptist Journal of Theology, vol 3, 111-126.
1993. “Clement of Alexandria’s Quis Dives Salvetur: A Patristic Spirituality of Possessions.” South African Baptist Journal of Theology, vol 2, 10-24.


D Litt et Phil (Rand Afrikaans University), DEd (University of Johannesburg)


Lecturer | Academic Dean
Teaching Areas: Biblical and Youth Studies
Research Interests: Biblical Hermeneutics, Assessment of Learning, Education and Technology

Raised in South Africa, Charles initially worked as an air traffic controller in the SA Air Force. After heading God’s call to move into vocational Christian ministry, Charles pastored at the Hilton Baptist Church from 1991 to 1995, and in 1996 commenced lecturing at the Baptist Theological College of Southern Africa. Charles arrived in Australia with his family in June 2007 and has been lecturing at Malyon since then. His areas of expertise are biblical studies and youth.

Selected Publications:
2015. “Challenges to Learning in the Age of the Internet.” In Teaching Theology in a Technological Age, edited by Yvette Debergue and James R. Harrison, 113-126. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars.
2014. “The Contribution of Theories of Multiple Intelligences to the Promotion of Deep Learning through the Assessment of Learning.” In Learning and Teaching Theology: Some Ways Ahead, edited by Les Ball and James R. Harrison, 91-104. Northcote: Morning Star.
2012. “Christian Leadership Challenges from the Life and Ministry of Bill Wilson.” SABJT, vol 21, 94-102.
2010. “A Gift-Based Approach to Outreach.” SABJT, vol 19, 206-213.
2008. “The Significance of 2 John 7-11 for the Contemporary Church, with Reference to Bishop John Shelby Spong.” SABJT, vol 17, 66-70.
2005. “A Biblical Basis for Multicultural Church,” “Hindrances to Developing Multicultural Churches” and “Guidelines Towards Transition.” In Growing Multicultural Churches, edited by Charles de Jongh, Eric Robbins and Reuben Ihlenfeldt, 9-12, 13-15 and 48-50. Roodepoort: BUSA.
2004. “Dealing with the Enemy Within – a Consideration of 2 Peter 2:1.” SABJT, vol 13.
2000. “Exegeting John 15:1-8 in Historical Context.” SABJT, vol 9, 68-74.
1994. “Models of Interpretation of the Book of Jeremiah and their Influence on Exegesis. SABJT, vol 3, 21-33.


PhD (Australian Catholic University)
MTh, MMgt, GradTheol, BTh(Hons), DipEd, BSc


Lecturer | Director Postgraduate Studies
Teaching Areas: Pastoral Leadership, New Testament, Research Methods
Research Interests: Church Vitality, Theological Education

After working as a high school teacher for three years, Ian moved into pastoral ministry. Between 1993 – 2010 he was the Senior Pastor of Nundah/North-East Baptist Church, during which time the church grew from 35 to 500 people. Ian teaches in the areas of leadership, preaching and New Testament. He also oversees the development of postgraduate research and e-learning at Malyon. http://ianhussey.org/

Selected Publications:


Bain, Andrew, and Ian Hussey. 2018. Theological Education:  Foundations, Practices and Future Directions, ACT Monograph Series. Eugene: Wipf & Stock.

Hussey, Ian. 2018 (forthcoming). The Soteriological use of καλέω by Paul and Luke, ACT Monograph Series. Eugene: Wipf & Stock.

 Peer Reviewed Publications/Papers:

Hussey, Ian. 2018 (forthcoming). “Successful Church Mergers: Case Study Research from Australian Baptists.” Ecclesial Practices no. 5 (1). http://booksandjournals.brillonline.com/content/journals/22144471.

Hussey, Ian, and Alan Demond. 2018 (forthcoming). “Vulnerability in Preaching: How far is not far enough?” The Journal of the Evangelical Homiletics Society no. 18 (2). http://library.ehomiletics.com/.

Hussey, Ian, and Andrew Bain. 2018. “Five Years On: The Long-Term Value of Theological Education.” In Theological Education:  Foundations, Practices and Future Directions, edited by Andrew Bain and Ian Hussey, 135-147. Eugene: Wipf & Stock.

Hussey, Ian. 2018. “The Contributors to Spiritual Formation in a Theological College: What the students say.” In Theological Education:  Foundations, Practices and Future Directions, edited by Andrew Bain and Ian Hussey, 241-258. Eugene: Wipf & Stock.

Hussey, Ian. 2017. “Continuous Assessment in a New Testament Survey Course: Empirically Informed Reflections on an Australian Trial” Teaching Theology and Religion 21 (3), 230-242.

Arli, Denni, Aaron Tkaczynski, and Ian Hussey. 2017. “Learning to Lead: Segmentation of attendees to a Christian leadership conference.”  International Journal of Non-Profit and Voluntary Sector Marketing 22.

Hussey, Ian. 2016. “The Soteriological Use of “Call” in the New Testament: An Undervalued Category?” Biblical Theology Bulletin: Journal of Bible and Culture 46, no. 3 (2016): 133-43. doi:10.1177/0146107916655290

Hussey, Ian. 2016. “The Big News on Small Churches: Re-evaluating the Contribution of Small Churches to the Fulfillment of the Great Commission.” Great Commission Research Journal no. 7 (7):172-183. http://journals.biola.edu/gcr/volumes/7/issues/2/articles/172.

Hussey, Ian. 2015. “Spiritual Formation in an Australian Baptist Theological College: A Survey-based Case Study.” Journal of Adult Theological Education no. 12 (2):137-152. doi: 10.1179/1740714115Z.00000000042.

Hussey, Ian. 2015. “A Joining of the Ways: Reflections on the Successful Merger of Two Baptist Churches.” In Congregational Transformation in Australian Baptist Church Life, edited by Darren Cronshaw and Darrell Jackson, 97-115. Macquarie Park: Morling Press.

Hussey, Ian, and Aaron Tkaczynski. 2014. Leadership Development in Queensland Baptist Churches. Crucible 6 (1), http://www.ea.org.au/Crucible/Issues/Leadership-in-Queensland-Baptist-Churches.

Hussey, Ian. 2014. “The Other Side of the Pulpit: Listener’s Experiences of Helpful Preaching.” Homiletic no. 39 (2). http://www.homiletic.net/index.php/homiletic/issue/view/199.

Hussey, Ian. 2013. “Sense of Community in Churches: A Practical Theological Perspective.” A Paper presented at the Australian and New Zealand Association of Theological Colleges Annual Conference, Laidlaw College, Auckland, New Zealand.

Hussey, Ian. 2013. “Leadership in Effective and Growing Australian Congregations: A study of three cases.” Journal of Religious Leadership no. 12 (1):63-88.

Hussey, Ian. 2012. “The Engagement of Newcomers in Church Attendance: Theological and case study research from Australia.” Great Commission Research Journal no. 4 (1):108-119.

Hussey, Ian. 2012. “A theology of church engagement: A reflection on the practice of the early churches.” Colloquium no. 44 (2):208-225.


Academic Positions

Chair, Australian College of Theology, e-Learning Panel, 2012-present
Member, Australian College of Theology, Research and Research Studies Committee, 2014-present
Member, Australian College of Theology, Coursework Committee, 2014-present
General Editor, Crucible Journal, 2015-present


PhD (University of Queensland)
MA(Theology), BAppSc-HMS(Ed)


Lecturer | Director Malyon Traverse
Teaching Areas: Practical Theology, Apologetics, Evangelism, Worldviews, Faith–Work Integration
Research Interests: Public Theology, Educational Curriculum, Secularisation, Pluralism, Narrative Theology, Interreligious Dialogue, Youth Culture, Missiology

As a former high school teacher, youth worker and Pastor of Evangelism and Community Outreach, Dave is passionate about commending Christ and his kingdom in Australia’s post-Christendom culture. Dave has lectured part-time at Malyon College since 2009 in the areas of evangelism, apologetics, worldviews, faith–work integration, and practical theology. This parallels Dave’s work as Director of Malyon Traverse (the centre for bridging church and culture), founder and member of Logos apologetics ministry, founder and member of “Christ’s Pieces” intentional Christian community with his wife, Nikki, and his ongoing service with the Lausanne World Evangelization Movement. In recent years, he has been studying the place of sacred texts in secular education, considering the place of religions in Australia’s pluralistic public sphere, and the role of dialogue toward holistic flourishing. Click these links to learn more about Traverse, Logos, Christ’s Pieces, and public theology thoughts at WonderingFair.com.

Selected Publications:
2016. “Shalom and Sustainability: God’s Curriculum and the Australian Curriculum Converse over Creation and Geography.” The Australian Journal of Mission Studies, December, in press.
2016. “Uncommon Good: Peaceable Dialogue for Partisan Times.” Tinsley Lecture, published by Morling College, Sydney, http://www.morlingcollege.com/about/why-choose-morling/tinsley-annual-lecture/.
2016. “Schools, Scripture and Secularisation: A Christian Theological Argument for the Incorporation of Sacred Texts within Australian Public Education.” Unpublished doctoral dissertation, The University of Queensland, http://espace.library.uq.edu.au/view/UQ:384064.
2015. “Curriculum Visions: The Australian Curriculum, Assessment, and Reporting Authority (ACARA) and Dwayne Huebner Discuss Civics and Citizenship.” International Journal of Christianity and Education, vol. 19, no. 1, 38-56.
2014. “School Chaplaincy, Secularism and Church–State Separation in a Liberal Democracy.” University of Queensland Law Journal, vol. 33, no. 1, 131-152. [Primary author: Peter C. J. James]
2013. “The Call to Go: Why Youth Ministry Must Leave the Building.” St. Mark’s Review vol. 224 (May), 61-69.
2011. “Epic Story: Good News Beyond the Pearly Gates.” YV.ZINE, no. 3, 7-8.
2010. “Every Tribe and Nation: Why We Must Go.” PRAC, iss. 59, 4-5.
2010. “The Journey: Entering God’s Epic Story.” Manual and DVD, Bible Society Queensland, here and here.
2009. “The Thinking Teen: An Exploration, Evaluation and Application of Three Apologetic Strategies in Commending the Bible to Contemporary Western Adolescents.” Unpublished Masters Thesis, Regent College, Vancouver, TREN here and http://www.scripture-engagement.org/content/what%E2%80%99s-bible-got-do-me.
2009. “Sign: Pointing People to Jesus.” Manual and DVD, Kenmore Baptist Church, http://traverse.org.au/resources/evangelism/sign/.


PhD (University of Bristol)

aj culp - Copy

Teaching Areas: Old Testament, Biblical Languages
Research Interests: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Scripture, Theological Education/Christian Formation

AJ was born and raised in rural America, though he’s spent most of his adult life further abroad–ranging from the Rocky Mountains to England to Australia. While he used to consider himself a man of diverse interests, AJ’s come to realise he’s neither diverse nor terribly interesting. All of his interests, it turns out, revolve around just one thing: understanding scripture, in both its ancient and contemporary contexts, as formative for God’s people. AJ’s current work is a renaissance of his humanities training, looking at how wonder and imagination fuel Christian formation/education. He and his wife Andrea and their two children, Elijah and Hadassah, are blessed to live in a beautiful part of the world, where, in biblical style, the trees are enchanting and the snakes deadly. For more on AJ, see https://malyon.academia.edu/AJCulp.

Selected Publications:

Forthcoming. Goodness Like a Fetter: The Book of Deuteronomy. Transformative Word Series. Bellingham, Washington: Lexham Press.
2016. “Joining the Journey: Using Memory Research to Help Students Identify with Biblical Events.” Christian Education Journal.
2013. Puzzling Portraits: Understanding the Old Testament’s Confusing Characters as Ethical Models. Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock.
2012. The Memoir of Moses: Deuteronomy, Memory, and the Shaping of Israel’s Identity. University of Bristol: PhD (supervised by Gordon Wenham).


PhD (University of Queensland)
BA(HonsPsych), MTh

anne klose copy

Lecturer | Student Mentor

Teaching Areas: Guided Spiritual Formation, Baptist History and Theology
Research Interests: Baptist Ecclesiology and Sacramentalism, Mentoring and Formation for Life and Ministry, Married Sexuality

Anne’s first degree was in clinical/counselling psychology (UQ) and she practised in a variety of counselling and adult educational roles in Central Queensland. Following a move back to Brisbane in 1999, she worked with ministry students in spiritual/personal formation and developed her mentoring ministry. In 2009 she completed her MTh (Trinity College, Brisbane) and in 2013 earned her PhD in Practical Theology (UQ), addressing the scriptural, historical, ecclesiological and social issues associated with developing a sense of community in contemporary Baptist churches. She received the inaugural Lattke-Petersen Award for this work. Anne continues to provide mentoring, mentor training and a speaking ministry through Jacob’s Well Ministries and has a strong commitment to ongoing research in her areas of interest. At Malyon she works with students undertaking their Guided Spiritual Formation by distance, mentors women students, and assists in the area of Baptist history and theology. Anne is married to Peter and they have two adult sons, two wonderful daughters-in-law, and a growing number of grandchildren. They worship at Gateway Baptist Church.

Selected Publications:

2016. “Church and Mission in Redemption: Exploring Church and Mission through the Communal and Missional Priesthood of all Believers.” Crucible, vol 7, no. 1.
2013. “Covenantal Priesthood as a Narrative of Community for Australian Baptist Churches.” Colloquium, vol 45, no.1, 61-79.


DPhil cand. (Oxford University)
MPhil(Theol), BTh (Honours I), BMin

andrew dunstan crop

Lecturer | Director Malyon Launch

Teaching Areas: Systematic Theology
Research Interests: Modern Theology & Philosophy (Ontology, Epistemology, Catholic-Protestant dialogues and Post-Barthian Theology), Theological Aesthetics & Theology of the Environment

Andrew’s governing passion is to equip the Church to be a thoughtful, faithful and winsome witness to Jesus Christ in the modern world.  Born and raised in Brisbane, he initially worked as a social worker and a pastor in a Baptist Church alongside voluntary roles with Scripture Union and WEC.  In 2008 he commenced postgraduate studies in systematic theology at Oxford University under the supervision of Rev Prof Paul Fiddes.  His doctoral dissertation explores the potential significance of a recovery of aesthetics (beauty and sublimity) in the Church.  During this time he was a recipient of the F J Church and King’s College International Graduate Scholarships and a Junior Research Associate of the Oxford Centre for Christianity and Culture.  He returned to Brisbane to join the faculty at Malyon in 2014.  When he is not delighting in God through the beauty of good theology he does so through the beauty of creation which he indulges along with his wife Elspeth at their farm in the Scenic Rim and through his undying love of cricket.

Selected Publications:
Forthcoming. “The Analogy of Beauty in the Theology of Karl Barth”.  Doctoral dissertation, University of Oxford.
2013. “Karl Barth’s Concept of Beauty in the Context of Glory: A Challenge to the Balthasarian Reading”. In The Theology of Beauty, edited by A. Bodrov & M. Tolstoluzhenko, 148-157.  Moscow: St Andrews Press.


PhD (UQ), BTh (Hons), Dip. Min


Teaching Areas: New Testament and Greek
Research Interests: The Gospel of Luke

As the student tutor, Denise enjoys working with students who need some help getting started on assessments or who would like some feedback on their essays. She is available for one on one appointments and also runs some group workshops. Denise also lectures in the area of New Testament and Greek.


DMin (Denver Seminary)
BD, BSc, DipEd


Lecturer | Director Malyon Leadership
Teaching Areas: Pastoral Ministry, Christian Leadership, Preaching, Worship
Research Interests: Christian Leadership, Contemporary Preaching

John has had a long involvement with Malyon College. He was a student at Malyon from 1979-85, an adjunct faculty member from 1993-2001, and was the College Principal from 2002-2017. John is an experienced pastor, leader and change agent, having pastored a large youth ministry at Kenmore Baptist from 1979-87 and then led Bracken Ridge Baptist through significant growth and change from 1987-2001. He is a passionate, biblical preacher and is speaking churches almost every weekend. John’s doctoral research explored the development of leaders through mentoring, and he retains a strong commitment to developing the next generation of godly, Christian leaders.

Selected Publications:
2009.    ‘Concerns about Contemporary Corporate Worship’ in The South African Baptist Journal of Theology Vol. 18, 203-209.
2008.    ‘Towards a Foundational, Flexible, Sermon Structure’ in The Journal of the Evangelical Homiletics Society 8:2 (September 2008), 32-49.
2004.    ‘Talking Back: Is There a Place for Interactive Preaching?’ in Preaching 19:4 (January- February 2004), 20-26.
2002.    ‘How Andragogical was Jesus’ Teaching?’ in Journal of Christian Education 45:2 (September 2002), 33-44. (Co-author)