Malyon Alumni Event

Coming up is an exclusive event for Malyon alumni to network and hear from an inspiring Christian leader – Karl Faase.

Karl Faase is a well known Australian Christian communicator, media presenter, leader and social commentator. He is the CEO of Olive Tree Media, the organisation through which he produces programs of excellence for Christian media and local church use internationally.

Karl is in demand across Australia as a speaker, with a special interest in encouragement & motivation, leadership, ministry development and communicating to those exploring faith. Karl is regularly called upon as a Christian spokesperson and commentator on a variety of social issues. He is passionate about reclaiming the Christian Gospel as word as well as deed.

With over 20 years of involvement in media, Karl is one of Australia’s most experienced Christian radio and television presenters, with his programs broadcast and distributed in the USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany and New Zealand.

Olive Tree Media’s latest production is the documentary series, Jesus the Game Changer, released in 2016. This timely television and DVD series looks at how the life and teaching of Jesus changed the world and why it matters. Topics covered in its ten episodes include equality, forgiveness, care, women & children, leadership, education and health, and others. Jesus the Game Changer was filmed in the USA, UK, Australia, India and Singapore where Karl interviewed over 30 authors, speakers, historians and academics.

Karl finished in his position as Senior Pastor of Gymea Baptist Church in late 2014 where he served for over 20 years. Karl maintains leadership roles in the Christian community as a board member of organisations such the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (Australia), Samaritans Purse, Christian Media Australia and the Sydney Prayer Breakfast.

Karl was the co-founder and Executive Director of the Australian Arrow Leadership Development Program until December 2010 – a national leadership development program for emerging Christian leaders across Australia and the co-founder of the Media Project, Jesus. All About Life – a high profile media campaign working in conjunction with local church participation.

Karl is married to Jane, who is the Creative Director of Olive Tree Media. They have 3 adult children and at last count, 4 grandchildren (and that technically makes him a grandfather!)


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Malyon College took its first intake of students in 1904 under its first principal TJ Malyon. That’s a long time ago! Since then Malyon has trained over 1000 men and women to influence others towards Christ.

The College has changed name and location a number of times since it opened. You may have studied at BTCQ (the Baptist Theological College of Queensland), QBCM (Queensland Baptist College of Ministries) or even BTC (Baptist Theological College). Maybe the College was located at Brookfield or West End when you studied. Depending on when you graduated, Malyon could look quite different now!

At present, the Malyon Alumni Association is a loose network of people who have studied at the College. Membership is open to anyone who has studied at the College (even if only for a brief time) and there is no cost to become a member. We feel this is appropriate given the changing nature of College offerings and Malyon’s commitment to equipping the wider Christian community.

As the Association grows, we hope to be able to offer members a wide range of benefits including access to resources to help you conduct your ministry, opportunities to share your ministry experiences, discounts on Malyon units and conferences, and events where alumni can exchange ideas, resources, and support.

But for now, look out for your copy of Influence, Malyon’s e-News for Alumni. Influence is published twice per year. You can also take advantage of the many free resources we provide on the Resources for Church tab on this website, and the many thought-provoking and potentially useful posts, articles, videos etc on the Malyon facebook page.

We would love it if you would let us know what you’re doing now, and any other information that may be of interest to your old classmates by emailing or phoning (07) 3354 5656. Similarly, if there is anything we can help you with, please let us know. We are here to support you as you continue to develop as a Christian of influence.

We hope to connect with you soon!