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3 Reasons to Enrol Mid-Year

3 reasons to enrol mid-year

3 Reasons to Enrol Mid-Year at Bible College

Choosing to dive into theological education is a significant decision, and the timing of your enrolment can be a meaningful yet complex choice for you. At Malyon Theological College, we understand that life’s circumstances don’t always align with traditional academic calendars. That’s why we offer mid-year enrolment, providing flexibility and opportunities that cater to your unique situation. Here are three compelling reasons to consider enrolling mid-year at Malyon Theological College:

  1. Fits in better with your work/life balance

With so many students now juggling study with employment and/or raising a family starting at the beginning of a calendar year in January or February is for some an overwhelming thought. Work might be back from the Christmas/New Year break and ramping up, or getting the kids ready for the new school year, can be very time-consuming. Let alone trying to organise an application for Bible College. So, therefore, mid-year presents an opportunity where our schedules are freed up some what and provides more capacity to take on something new.

  1. Got the mid-year momentum

It is often said that getting started is the hardest part. In the middle of the year, we recognise that plenty of the year is still before us and new opportunities await us in the present rather than waiting until the new year (which feels so far away). So take advantage of the rest of 2024 and the opportunities that the time before us presents for studying and learning more deeply about God.

  1. Specific subjects on offer now that take your interest

Have you seen our timetable and list of units for semester 2, 2024? What subjects on offer take your interest? Some subjects are Malyon are not available every semester or every year. Some specialty elective units are on different cycles where they are available every two or three years. So mid-year intake is an opportunity to take advantage of the subjects that interest you now when those areas or topics are of interest to you.

So here is your chance to accelerate your journey towards ministry and personal growth. Life’s timing can be unpredictable, but your education doesn’t have to be. Take advantage of mid-year enrolment to align your studies with your life’s calling and begin your study journey without delay. Join us at Malyon Theological College and let your path of faith and learning commence at the perfect time for you.

Still need more reasons? Contact our friendly enrolment team today and have your questions answered –

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